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Hello everyone, & welcome to another edition of Mini-DDs! Where nothing stands in our way of seeking out & bringing you the finest in DD-worthy Deviations!...Unless, hypothetically, we got our hands on the new Ghostbusters game & became too obsessed with it to write anything earlier on. Hypothetically, of course.

Well, once again, I really don't have anything new to say this week for an intro. Sooo...Think one of you out there would mind doing something crazy here so I can have something to speak about next week?

Okay, seriously, I do have something I may as well mention. I actually have a couple of ideas thought up for future editions...One is give a special feature to an entire collection of DD-worthy comics or drawings, much like I did with jollyjack's "How To Play" comics in the past a few months ago. The other idea is to finally get off my ass & finally do a special edition featuring all the awesome Deviations for UDON's Darkstalkers tribute book that've been floating around here for quite some time now (and yes, that would make it a tribute to a tribute. Odd, huh?).

So, how do you like those ideas for future editions? Any thoughts? Anything at all?

...Well, no sense waiting around. To the main event already, dammit!

Okay, so if you don't know by now, the featured artists here each receive the Golden Fefcaine Award:

Golden Fefcaine Award by SlyDante

...My little prestigious token of appreciation for anyone who created some amazing, DD-worthy artwork. Plus it has a delicious milk chocolate center! And some strawberry cream & pop rocks mixed in as well, just because we felt like it!

Oh, & feel free to check out the Mini-DD Archive afterwards right here:…

Alright now, on with the show! Here's this week's Mini-DDs...

blowthesoulup by blackjonc
In somewhat of an ironic twist, blowthesoulup by blackjonc actually ends up blowing your mind away with some truly stunning vector work! One simple, cute, & calm little blue guy in contrast with a chaotic output of gloriously freakish mayhem crammed full of detail, executed with such an attractive style & a unique blend of colors, all with one clever & twisted concept backing the whole thing up. That odd & semi-gory mess may be hurting our cartoon buddy quite a bit, but it still makes for quite the eye-popping & irresistible sight! Bravo!

Well, the title for SaffuranLoL's +Nocturnal Happiness+ is certainly no lie...Hell, this is practically pure concentrated happiness in all its glory! A pair of cute & kickass character designs enjoying a twinkling, firefly-lit night, drawn with such a slick & eye-pleasing style & a lovely mix of dark colors & a cheerful mood, with pure fun & romance swimming throughout every little detail from the sweet wink to the tiniest light...Oh hell yeah, this is one portrait of concentrated happiness indeed! So check it out & enjoy a taste of it as well!

they all went by chichapie
Now, what do all of the mythological creatures featured in they all went by chichapie have in common, you may ask? Damned if I really know, but they certainly play a part in creating one killer piece of fantasy! From all the unique & stylish takes on these classic creatures & all the personality they have down to the astonishing amount of detail, the lovely way everything is layed out from top to bottom, the dead-on mix of colors, & the whole concept & feeling of an epic tale about to happen, this is definitely one astonishing ode to the supernatural you shouldn't pass up!

The owls have it by SpicyDonut
The owls have it by SpicyDonut...Well, the fact that owls kick ass more than likely destined this baby for greatness from the start. But needless to say, the unique concept, surreal style & designs, perfect use of haunting blue & purple colors, & the perfectly manic, odd, spooky, & cartoonish feeling bounding around everything certainly helped play a part in this Deviation's road to greatness as well! Make sure you don't miss out on this quirky little gem!

Chocolate by PapaNinja
...If there ever comes a time when amazing Deviations with a combination of pin-up girls & sweets fail to excite me, then please do me a favor & just off me then & there. Until then, here's PapaNinja with a little Chocolate on hand for all of our pleasure! Sexy, sulty, stylish & a little offbeat, done with such a lovely style & a perfect blend of cocoa-esque colors floating throughout every impressive detail (love the filling matching the femme), this is one tasty treat (yeah, that was corny, I know) that you shouldn't miss out on!

Specky the Long Legged One... by MrTurquoise is definitely one simple yet stunning illustration, featuring one impressive & perfectly cartoon-like character, drawn in such a sharp & attractive style with a perspective that really shows him off, towering over one lovely & calm setting full of some excellent detail & lighting...Gentle giant or not, this impressive little creation is definitely full of some irresistible charm that you simply just have to enjoy!

Identity theft by larolaro
Whether you know what it's like to experience the pain of Identity theft or not, larolaro still paints one striking picture of it that you just have to take a look at! The powerful imagery, the clever concept & representation, the kickass designs, the stellar blend of reds & blues, the lovely little sci-fi comic-like details & style...They all come together to create one powerful & badass piece of work that displays the evils of online fraud in such an epic way! Needless to say, this one deserves a ton of praise!

malayan tapir by orkibal
Quick question: Is there any way to make tapirs even more awesome than they already are? In the case of malayan tapir, the answer is definitely yes: Just have them stage a revolution with the help of orkibal's crazed creations! The deliciously offbeat & surreal style, the dazzling array of vibrant colors, a lovely feeling of true chaos scattered throughout everything, several stunning details down to every clever little critter design...Ork, sir, you have definitely done these majestic mammals justice (& then some)!

merry father day by MumblingIdiot
merry father day by MumblingIdiot...Father's Day may have come & gone, but this wicked little drawing is definitely amazing year-round! One awesome & loving concept mixed in with a deliciously trippy style, an eye-popping mix of every color in the rainbow, some cute little designs & a massive amount of otherworldly details ends up making one impressive piece of work that's one unique & stellar celebration of the love between father & child!

...Well, that's all for this week! If you have any comments, suggestions, etc., they'd be greatly appreciated! I hope you've all liked what I've featured this week, & I'll be back next week with nine more DD-worthy works of art! Sayanora until then! ^_^

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nonnihil Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
wow, awesome! :D
SlyDante Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
Heh heh, glad you like my little show! ^_^
Nyanamo Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Whoa Sly! These are awesome! :heart: Geez, these guyshave an amazing talent ha |D

SlyDante Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
Aww, thanks again! It really means a lot that you like my offerings! ^_^
pirpintine Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you always seem to mannage to find epic pictures ive not yet seen!

nice bunch today! :D
SlyDante Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
Aww, you flatter me so damn much! Thanks for the compliment on this week's crop! ^_^
blackjonc Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009
i love it!! <3 :heart:
SlyDante Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
You're welcome, & congrats again! ^_^
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