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Golden Fefcaine Award by SlyDante

Okay, so honestly, today I was just simply going to use this journal to pimp Robotic Gaming Monthly #3, the latest edition of my gaming column over at Topless Robot. And I guess I'm still doing that,, sorry. ^^;

But having noticed this was deviantART's birthday when I woke up this morning, I got to thinking, &...well, actually, this is still kind of relevant. Because just in case anybody who might randomly be reading this should know, my biggest claim to fame here was writing articles called Mini-DDs that featured what I thought were DD-worthy artwork. Came up with my own award and everything. And as past journals here will reveal, I've always been planning to write more, but crap keeps getting in the the way and I tend to get derailed, but I keep preparing &...well, that's not important.

Anyhow, here's how my story goes: I joined DA in 2005, largely due to my admiration of the mad skills of everyone I saw there, and not because I was a skilled artist (far from it, as my gallery can attest to). I began starting to suggest work to be featured for Daily Deviations, but when some stuff that I really adored wasn't getting any attention, I asked one of the administrators I was suggesting stuff to what else I could try. He suggested writing my own sets of features, so I went at it...but for some reason, just simply slapping a few thumbnails in a journal & calling it a day didn't seem right to me. I mean, that just didn't convey how incredible the artists I would feature were.

So I whipped up an award for starters, the Golden Fefcaine Award (seen above). An actual award for what I thought was truly superb work. And I would add written descriptions like the real deal. And I would even put on an elaborate framing device, make it seem it was more than a showcase, but an actual show. Hell, I put up actual award shows at the end of years & gave away prizes! I loved doing it! It made me happy! And those I featured loved it as well, and I was actually surprised when some of them said they considered it an honor to get a Golden Fefcaine Award from me! Life was good!

So what happened? Well, after getting my first job at a crappy call center, the backlog started piling up, then when I got fired from that job, things kind of came crashing down for a bit, & the backlog never stopped. Oh, it's still there. I have plans. I never stopped. When they will go into action...can't say I know.

But a few years ago, I had also stumbled onto Topless Robot. A nerd culture website. The second website I keep open in my browser near-24/7. I eventually started to get into it more & more, get closer to the community, comment more, and kind of became a general follower. When I noticed that some of TR's Daily Lists came from freelancers, I asked then-editor Rob Bricken if I could write an article about some of the best games from E3 2012. He said yes, & I whipped one up, & I had fun. Rob left later that year, replaced eventually by current editor Luke Y. Thompson. I asked Luke if I could write a list about games to look forward to in 2013. He let me do so, then I followed it up with a list on kid-friendly games, and he revealed that holy s***, I can actually get paid for doing this (and should have been)!

So for about a year, I wrote more and more article, mainly video game-related work, and eventually making it to the point where I actually earned the title "Freelance Journalist". And after several successful video game lists and reviews, a change earlier this year prompted Luke to start up the idea for a monthly column on video games, and he wanted me to write it! And now...

Well, here we are!

So I guess what I'm trying to point out here is that I honestly feel that writing Mini-DDs for years here at deviantART helped me hone my writing skills over time, or even more importantly, gave me confidence in my work. And I realized - corny as it may sound - that while I wasn't skilled in the visual arts, my knack for crafting written articles could be my own artwork! And over time, I went from featuring artists to a small audience to writing whole columns that I get paid for on a website that gets between two and three million viewers a month!...Though how many of those read my column, I don't know. And kinda worry about (seriously, take a peek when you're done, we, um, require your attention).

And it's because of deviantART. They helped me make it to where I am today (writing-wise, at least). And if they can take me to bigger places, hopefully they can do so for the types of artists I admire.

So thank you, deviantART. And happy birthday!! ^_^



...Oh right, I need the damn thumbnails for that badge. Well, I didn't have time to dig deep, but here's an assortment of work I've featured over the years in my Mini-DDs. And with any luck, I'll be adding to them again. And maybe you, the person reading this, can be among these one day...Maybe. =P

Little McCloud by pandakutenInner Demon -Raven by griffsnuffLurking by LucidDreamPopDon't Blink by ZakenoCassette Demons by cubecrazy2Beware the Dead Sisters by JWiesnerThe Rake by KastiaRelaxation by griffsnuffMachinarium by MoogleyMogThe Great Recycler by aphaits
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LucidDreamPop Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Congratulations on getting a paid job that you enjoy! I've always enjoyed reading over the Mini-DDs and finding great new artists to follow, and I am still glad to this day that you have liked my stuff enough to give me a feature at least twice. I apologize as of late, I have not had much time to make anything fantastic and I know you're watching me, but it's appreciated all the same. I hope, maybe someday when you have the time, we'll see the fefcaine award back at work. 
SlyDante Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Thanks a ton! I've been working at at, but recent game-related work has derailed me slightly...close to bringing the GFA back, though...thanks for the vote of confidence, though! ^_^
LucidDreamPop Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're quite welcome! If you bring the GFA back, do let me know! I've got a few pieces I'd like to recommend (one I recently submitted for a DD and it got ignored which makes me quite sad).
JWiesner Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Wow, congrats on getting the "Freelance Journalist" title! :D
I do believe that writing is only another kind of art. It may not be the visual kind, but it definitely is an important media which can leave a great influence when you're a good writer. So you're still an artist, and I'm glad to hear DeviantART got you enough practice to finally get a paid job where you do something you like. :)
It also seems a great reward for the kindness you're leaving here for the community. Giving Mini-DDs is a cool idea!

Also, thanks for the feature! c:
SlyDante Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Thanks a ton! I'm glad to hear all that, really boosted my spirits, so thanks! ^_^
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
8D <3
SlyDante Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Delayed <3 back at you, my now-massively-popular friend. ^_^
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August 7, 2014